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Microphone Sound Editing

Ongoing Projects

Unabridged Podcast

I am one of the co-founders and co-hosts for Unabridged Podcast. Since launching in February 2018, we have released over 200 episodes and have a great following with a fun bookish community. I do all of the audio editing and website design for Unabridged, and this led me into podcast editing and consultation for other podcasters.


Dental Online Training Sharecast

I love working with the DOT Sharecast team! I edit the audio and video for this podcast. I also create the transcripts, select quotes, and help with creation of the audio and video social media clips including audiograms and video clips.

Copy of DOT Youtube beginning & end slide (1).png

Scaling Car Washes Podcast

I have helped JT Thomson launch and release his podcast, Scaling Car Washes. I do the audio editing, the show notes and transcripts, and the audiograms for his show. I helped him with the launch journey and am so excited about his podcast!

Scaling Car Washes.jpg

West River Studios

Together with Sarah Featherstone of West River Studios, I support three local businesses in Virginia by creating their social media content each month. I'm happy to provide those handles so that you can take a look at their feeds to see the graphics and the content!

Untitled drawing.jpg


Sara, Unabridged Podcast

"I just need to say thank you, Ashley, for making me sound like a coherent person.


Every time I listen to an episode, I am like, 'Wow. I don't sound like a bumbling idiot. Thank you, Ashley, audio wizard.'"

"I am extremely grateful for all the work that Ashley did - especially all the extra effort. There was nothing but positive comments [from the team] around the quality of editing. Thanks also for the kind notes for the team, which validated a lot of what we had reflected on as well. Anyone would be lucky to have Ashley and her energy as part of their show."

"Ashley is such a delight to work with! I was in need of someone who could help me manage various projects and create content for me. I had been struggling to manage it all on my own but was hesitant to hand off work to someone else. But in comes Ashley, who was able to jump right in and help me juggle various projects seamlessly! I know I can count on her to have things done and let me just say, hiring her was one of the best decisions I've made."

Freddie, Unreasonable Podcast

Sarah, West River Studios

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