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Providing Everything You Need for Podcast Success


Audio + Video Editing

I have been working with podcast clients since spring of 2021. I offer simple editing and distribution as well as full service packages including editing, show notes, articles, and social media posts.

I also edit all of the audio for Unabridged podcast. We have over 260 episodes and have been podcasting since 2018. I usually use Garage Band and Logic Pro. Here are a couple of quick before and after examples and a couple of outtakes! (I also edit for several other podcasts and can share those with you so you can listen to them!)

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Podcast Management

I manage several weekly, biweekly, and monthly podcasts. In addition to doing the post-production work including audio and video editing, show notes creation, and distribution, I also keep up with the release schedule, make sure recordings happen in time to keep the release cadence, and communicate with the team through consistent messaging and meetings.

Tech Accessories
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Podcasting Coaching

With over six years of experience podcasting with a team, I am happy to provide coaching and support for any aspects of the podcast journey including how to organize and plan content, how to effectively record episodes, and how to craft a workflow to make things work for you and your team.

I have successfully launched several podcasts and am happy to support your launch journey. You can sign up for a coaching call on my contact page.

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Content Creation

I write social media content and web content for a number of independent businesses. I use scheduling programs like Buffer, AgoraPulse, and Later to create, plan, and schedule content for easy distribution. I create video and audio clips, add closed captioning when needed, and write social media captions.

I can also write newsletters, web page content, and blog posts for businesses. 

Web Design
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