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Projects & Partners

Unabridged Podcast

I am one of the co-founders and co-hosts for Unabridged Podcast. Since launching in February 2018, we have released over 200 episodes and have a great following with a fun bookish community. We support book lovers and teachers, and we share books recommendations for middle grade, young adult lit, and all kinds of books for adults. I do all of the audio editing and website design for Unabridged, and this led me into podcast editing and management for other podcasters.


RCPS Community Partner Café

I support Rockingham County Public Schools with their monthly podcast, RCPS Community Partner Café. I helped the school district launch the podcast in January of 2023, and I provide ongoing post-production support. Host Katie LaPira, Coordinator of Community Outreach and Engagement, talks with RCPS faculty and staff as well as other members of the larger community, bringing important information to parents, guardians, and other community members through the podcast.

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West River Studios

By working for Sarah Featherstone of West River Studios, I supported several local businesses in Virginia. I helped Sarah create and organize social media content each month for multiple independent businesses.

If you'd like to see the content I created, contact me, and I'm happy to provide the social media handles for those businesses so that you can take a look at their feeds to see the graphics and the content! I also have social posts for other partners that I can share.

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Scaling Car Washes Podcast

In 2021, I helped JT Thomson launch and release his podcast, Scaling Car Washes. I did the audio editing including uploading to Podbean and distribution, the show notes and transcripts including blog posts, and the audiograms for his show. I helped JT with the launch journey and am so excited about his podcast, which is perfect for people looking to learn more about the car wash industry and other business endeavors!

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Money Skills for Therapists

I'm thrilled to partner with the Money Skills for Therapists podcast hosted by Linzy Bonham. Linzy is a therapist turned money coach who now coaches other therapists on how to best manage their finances so that they can have more professional success and live happier lives through her platform, Money Nuts and Bolts. I love seeing the way that Linzy helps others, and anyone who is in independent business can learn a lot from her tips! I've been working with Linzy and the Money Skills team since 2021.

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Car Wash M&A, The Podcast

I love working with the team at Amplify Car Wash Advisors. I supported their podcast launch in January of 2022. Lanese Barnett hosts Car Wash M&A, The Podcast, where she talks with guests about mergers and acquisitions as they relate to the car wash industry and decisions that owner operators face when looking to scale or sell their business. I manage their podcast, do post-production work including audio and video editing, and create social media posts including audiograms, video clips, and more. I also write blog articles for each episode.

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Dental Online Training Sharecast

I loved working with Dr. Dennis Hartlieb and the DOT Sharecast team! I edited the audio and video for this podcast and distributed their audio through Spotify. I also created the transcripts based on the episodes, selected powerful quotes from the interviews, and helped with creation of the audio and video social media clips including audiograms and video clips. I created blog posts and provided ongoing website maintenance for the Dental Online Training team, and I built up their YouTube presence.

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Eating Your Cake Too Podcast

I loved helping Claire Seeber launch her podcast, which supports her larger business, Eating Your Cake Too. I managed all of the logistics for the launch and provided ongoing support for several months by editing the episodes, creating show notes and audiograms, and distributing the episodes.


Claire's podcast is a great example of how adding a podcast can really strengthen your business by increasing your reach, demonstrating your authority and credibility, and providing a lead magnet for your services.

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Katie, RCPS Community
Partner Cafe

"I cannot imagine being able to launch the RCPS Community Partner Cafe podcast without the support of Ashley. In addition to the launch, she provides monthly reminders, check-ins, feedback, edits and scheduling. Having her handle all of these details allows me to focus on the content of the show and building relationships with our guest. Ashley is organized, prompt and comes with experience to help navigate the podcast landscape.

"Ashley is the best contractor I have ever worked with. Her amazing knowledge of the podcast world is paired with a solid foundation of organizational skills. Her communication is always timely and efficient. She is pro-active, helping the process along and identifying potential issues ahead of time, offering solutions. Ashley also offers flexibility and a quick turnaround time when something comes up on our end. Ashley is an invaluable asset for our podcast."

"Ashley is such a delight to work with! I was in need of someone who could help me manage various projects and create content for me. I had been struggling to manage it all on my own but was hesitant to hand off work to someone else. But in comes Ashley, who was able to jump right in and help me juggle various projects seamlessly! I know I can count on her to have things done and let me just say, hiring her was one of the best decisions I've made."

Christelle, Operations Coordinator with Money Skills for Therapists

Sarah, West River Studios

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