Are you planning to get started with podcasting, or are you looking for a way to make your podcasting workflow more manageable?


I am here to help.


I can edit your audio, do your show notes, design your website, or do more for you depending on what you need. Check out the services I offer here.


I've also been a teacher for the past seventeen years and am happy to help other teachers with website design or other aspects of content creation!


Check out Unabridged, the bookish podcast I co-host and where I do the audio work and website design. Scroll down to listen to our latest episodes!

Hi, I'm Ashley. I've been editing podcasts for more than three years and have edited and released more than 200 episodes in that time. Because of changes for our family, I am now able to focus full time on freelance work related to podcasting and supporting teachers. 

My background is in education, and over the past seventeen years, I've taught high school English literature, English to English language learners, Creative Writing, and Instructional Technology.


However, my life partner Mahan and I both have a passion for travel, and when the opportunity came for our family to travel because of his receipt of a Fulbright award, we knew it was time to make a change. (You can read more about our travel journey here.)


Because of my background in podcasting with Unabridged and my continued immersion in the podcast world, I knew I was ready to support others on their podcasting journey. I look forward to working with you. For more information about me, see this page or check out my blog. To learn more about what I can offer you, see my Services.